Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The X Files episode I always wanted to write...

Actually there were several, summarised in this RPG.net thread jamming on ideas, but I had a few... a relatively isolated mythology story about how other countries deal with UFO crashes, a mutant MOTW that would try to eat Mulder instead of Scully... and a riff on this particular trope...

A lawyer’s office. Mr Lee, the solicitor, shuffles his papers.

“As you may know, Mr Graves died leaving no children, so his estate is to be divided between his nieces and nephews here present.”

Seven pairs of eyes dart around the room, most of them filled with greed and disdain.

“However, the proviso of the will is that those seeking to inherit must spend the longest night of the year in Mr Graves’s childhood home, Graves End.”
The haunted house?” asks Melanie Graves, one of the inheritors. Michael Torrance, an older cousin, snorts with derision.
“Those who are still within the house, and of sound mind and body, at sunrise, will divide the inheritance equally among themselves. Those were Mr Graves’s conditions. To ensure fair play, I have requested that two representatives of a suitable policing service be retained to stay in the house with you.”

All eyes turn on the man and woman standing by the door.

“Due to their expertise in this particular field, the FBI has sent Special Agents Mulder and Scully.”

Mulder grins sheepishly and Scully smirks at his discomfort.


A large Gothic manor perched on a hill surrounded by dense leafless woodland. As the line of cars draws up to the flat field at the bottom of the narrow drive, unseasonal lightning forks down and thunder crashes overhead.

“Nice touch...”
“Well Mulder, that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into...”

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