Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Buffy: The Reckoning

Issue one of Buffy Season Twelve: The Reckoning is out now. It’s been a year in-universe since the previous comics season, and while it was apparently a quiet year, things have happened.

Buffy is now thirty, and (as revealed in the panel immediately after the deliberately teasing preview) an aunt. She and Spike have broken up and It Was A Mutual Decision.

Giles is, literally, his old self again. This didn’t happen in the Giles miniseries, by the by.

Willow has opened a women’s centre, with quite a few slayers and witches involved.

Oh, and that final battle where there are no more slayers for two hundred years? This might be it. Or not. Slayer ties in to that too, and the two connect.

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