Friday, 8 June 2018

Edinburgh Fringe: Hamlet 2, Macbeth Nil!

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe listings book is out.

(And both the Hamlets are solo shows.)

(There is a “Macbeth Without The Shakespeare Bollocks Tour” but I guess I shouldn’t count that.)

Among other game-related things:

The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures Of Baron Munchausen (thanking James wallis on the poster)
John Robertson returns with a new show and The Dark Room!
Adventurers Wanted (the attempt to run a record-breaking ongoing D&D game)
Questing Time (a different comedy D&D game)
Werewolves (Of Millers’ Hollow) and other-brand Werewolf interactive shows, by different people at different venues
“Agent November” escape room plays
Romeo And/Or Juliet sounds like it’s based on the gamebook

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