Saturday, 7 January 2012

Charles Addams and Family

A hundred years old today as marked by Google.

The original goth comics, the Addams Family moved to TV in the 60s and then animation, the cinema and lately Broadway, and seeing the series daily after school one year may have affected me at an impressionable age.

Plenty of his short strips could go straight into the starts of stories, and the Family themselves could be inspirational. A whole family of monsters going about their daily business in a skewed version of normal life? Sounds like a plan, possibly a background for a whole table of PCs.

An early connection was to Ray Bradbury, when he illustrated "Homecoming" and Bradbury's eerie Eliot family nearly became a picture book. Only that first picture was ever done, becoming the cover for the collection From The Dust Returned in the US. (Which makes me rather annoyed to have a UK edition.)

And the man himself always had a crossbow handy. Just in case.

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