Thursday, 19 January 2012

My idea might be too big

So we're setting up to play a new Marvel SAGA game on Fridays, about covert heroes undercover as villains. So I come up with a shapeshifter, but that's too convenient, it's perfect for the team and really useful generally, I want something which isn't quite as ideal.

Then I come up with someone who can control multiple purpose-built bodies (one at a time) with a few superpowers per body. Lots of story hooks there, I think, like where the tech came from and who else might have it, and having to drop one body in a crisis to use another, and ways to get stuck in one body for a few issues, and so on. I can imagine him being a usefully versatile support team member. Or a low-level-supers solo hero, like Automan or Knight Rider. Or something less 80s, but that seems to be the era for such characters getting their own shows. And the multiple bodies would totally work on TV. Hrm.

Of course there are a couple of other could-be-solo heroes in the group.

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