Friday, 6 January 2012

"They're odd, aren't they? People."

Eternal Law, from the creators of Ashes To Ashes, is a quirky legal drama. About angels. Rumpole vs Wings Of Desire.

Angels and demons out in the world (here very much on the QT) is a common fantasy motif, but in this case it's particularly about looking at the human condition from an outside perspective, with the law cases letting them in to see new people every week as well as giving it a (slightly disconnected) cops-n-docs drama narrative to hang the fantasy elements off.

There are angel and demon games out there, as well as games like Promethean where the PCs have no human pasts to compare to their inhuman states, but they can be harder to play than formerly-human characters like vampires or human-plus mages and the like. Still, having one in an ensemble (like Spock or Data) can add to a mixed group in a thoughtful game.

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