Friday, 20 January 2012

Indiana Jones And The Easy Source Of Adventure Ideas

Right then. A good ten points (out of fifty or sixty or so) at the Conpulsion pub quiz will be determined by Indiana Jones And The Title Round in which contestants have to work out the original character name in a movie title which has been replaced by Indiana Jones.

So, easy example, Indiana Jones And The Philosopher’s Stone.

Of course these will all be answers where replacing the titular character with Indiana Jones would make a cool movie. But then this is the case with most movies.

It could also be applied to books, as it is in that example - a friend has previously joked/threatened running Indiana Jones And The Mountains Of Madness.

And yes, this is also how I write Buffy convention adventures.

So, naturally, I could use this to come up with adventure (and indeed Adventure!) ideas too.

What would Indy hunting for the Philosopher’s Stone be like? Obviously there are rivals looking for it as well, a mysterious figure who may be immortal, and probably a clue in a castle in Scotland which may or may not now be a boarding school.

(And that's not the weirdest put-Indy-in-a-movie idea I ever had. That would be Indiana Jones And The Last Of England. Indy travels to London during the Blitz to help the removal of key works from the British Museum, and discovers a mysterious map on the back of a Durer painting of the Virgin Mary. Teaming up with a brilliant art historian (Tilda Swinton) he travels first to Switzerland, a hotbed of intrigue, and then to partially occupied Norway in search of a prophecy that might mean the Allies cannot win the War!)

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