Friday, 20 April 2012

The Cabin In The Woods

It's probably okay to talk about The Cabin In The Woods by now. But I'll put a !more in here just in case...

The Cabin In The Woods takes one of the archetypal/stereotypical horror stories and looks at why it's archetypal/stereotypical. It's a comedy horror (with about 8% actual surprisingly-brutal horror, for those who don't like it) about horror, meta on an all-in crazy New Nightmare level rather than Scream or Buffy. Also a belated The Seven Samurai to Monsters, Inc's A Bug's Life.

There are twists and turns inside the twists and turns, although it's the third act that people will most want to talk about and feel most like we shouldn't.

Great cast, good music (seeing it again I note the little "heroic action!" stings and other tricks of the music more) and naturally lots of funny.

As a GM, it's a classic horror-movie-style oneshot with deliberately meh pregen PCs who then become individuals because there are real people playing them who don't necessarily follow the script, and that's the plan. Only the in-character GMs try to railroad them like crazy, and it all goes wrong anyway. And then all the monsters in the rulebook break through the GM's screen and eat the game development staff. Or something. The analogy breaks down when the audience are also the stars.

It would be fun to try, but I suspect just about everyone who would sit down to play such a oneshot will go and see this.

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