Saturday, 21 April 2012


RPGnet's Cheesy Preboot Thread resurfaced today, and it's always fun to reimagine things in distorted shapes.

(Yes, I'm avoiding thinking about what kind of game to run tomorrow, how did you guess?)

It can be doubly entertaining to mangle a game in progress, as long as it has a suitably high Weird Level. Discussed over here from around the time the thread was new, among other ideas for rebooting games.

A historical flashback episode would fit into most games more easily, maybe looking back on formative experiences for the PCs, or their parents or other ancestors, or further back into the historical or legendary ages of the setting.

Still, a weirder game's preboot recasting everyone and emphasising the low-budget early effects could be briefly amusing.

(And now I'm imagining Anneke Wills as Milli in The Watch House circa 1968. We did stranger things to our Buffy group about once a year...)

(And a "classic era" episode of my Doctor Who game.)

The question is, ultimately, will the players be able to go back to the game as-is afterwards?

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