Monday, 16 April 2012

Indiana Jones And The Novelty Bonus Round - Answers!

Because you demanded it! (By "you" I specifically mean Morgan Davie.)

3/8ths of the Conpulsion Pub Quiz - The Answers!


1 If a Veteran is a first level Fighter, what is a Prestidigitator? Magic User (or Illusionist)
2 Name the last book (so far) released for Werewolf: The Apocalypse? Apocalypse
3 In The One Ring which excessive vice is known as Dragon-Sickness? Greed
4 In Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space, initiative is based on what you’re doing, so who goes last? Runners, Fighters, Talkers, Doers? Fighters
5 Which system is The Laundry RPG based on? Basic Roleplaying
6 Which two alien races in SLA Industries are related? Ebon, Brain Wasters, Wraith Raiders, Stormers? Ebon, Brain Wasters
7 In which year does the Great Ghost Dance happen in Shadowrun? 2017
8 True or false - if five people play Deadlands they could all use different official systems? True
9 Which RPG company claims to have been “plotting the downfall of humanity since 1990”? Pagan Publishing
10 Which is not a Solar Exalted caste - Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night, Day? Day
11 Which RPG is set on the planet Golarion? Pathfinder
12 What is a DM... in Traveller? Dice Modifier

The Picture Round

Tordek, D&D
Seelah, Pathfinder
Stone, Deadlands
Lucita, Vampire The Masquerade
Platt Okeefe, Star Wars (d6)
The Centurion, Mutants And Masterminds

Indiana Jones And The Novelty Bonus Round

1: Indiana Jones And The Lightning Thief - Percy Jackson
2: Indiana Jones And The Voice Of Terror - Sherlock Holmes
3: Indiana Jones And The Blustery Day - Winnie The Pooh
4: Indiana Jones Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter - Jesse James (yes, really)
5: Indiana Jones Vs. The Smog Monster - Godzilla
6: Indiana Jones’s Diary - Bridget Jones
7: Dr. Jones And The Green Knight - Sir Gawain
8: Indiana Jones’s New Nightmare - Wes Craven (who is a character)
9: The Jones Proxy - Hudsucker
10: To Indiana Jones, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar - Wong Foo
11: The Seventh Voyage Of Indiana - Sinbad
12: Indy And The Pussycats - Josie
13: Indiana Jones Conquers The Martians - Santa Claus
14: Indiana Jones And The Sundance Kid - Butch Cassidy
15: Dr. Jones Goes To Washington - Mr. Smith
16: My Neighbour Indiana - Totoro
17: The Jones Experiment, Jones II, Jones And The Pit - Quatermass
18: A Fish Called Indiana - Wanda
19: Indiana And The Giant Peach - James
20: Win A Date With Indiana Jones! - Tad Hamilton!

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