Sunday, 8 April 2012

Indiana Jones And The Novelty Bonus Round

Right then, now it's done, the Conpulsion Pub Quiz questions. Just the RPG, picture and Indiana Jones rounds, although the biggest groan went to one from the Film And TV round -

Which book was on top of the pile used to weigh down the bucket containing Ash's severed hand in Evil Dead II? A Farewell To Arms.


1 If a Veteran is a first level Fighter, what is a Prestidigitator?
2 Name the last book (so far) released for Werewolf: The Apocalypse?
3 In The One Ring which excessive vice is known as Dragon-Sickness?
4 In Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space, initiative is based on what you’re doing, so who goes last? Runners, Fighters, Talkers, Doers?
5 Which system is The Laundry RPG based on?
6 Which two alien races in SLA Industries are related? Ebon, Brain Wasters, Wraith Raiders, Stormers?
7 In which year does the Great Ghost Dance happen in Shadowrun?
8 True or false - if five people play Deadlands they could all use different official systems?
9 Which RPG company claims to have been “plotting the downfall of humanity since 1990”?
10 Which is not a Solar Exalted caste - Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night, Day?
11 Which RPG is set on the planet Golarion?
12 What is a DM... in Traveller?

The Picture Round

Indiana Jones And The Novelty Bonus Round

These twenty film titles include a character’s name - which has been replaced by Indiana Jones.

(Or Indiana if it’s just a first name, or Jones if it’s a surname, or Dr. Jones is it’s a title and surname, or Indy if it’s a nickname... even though Indiana is a nickname itself.)

So for example, Indiana Jones And The Philosopher’s Stone - the answer would be Harry Potter.

One point for each name you correctly guess.

1: Indiana Jones And The Lightning Thief
2: Indiana Jones And The Voice Of Terror
3: Indiana Jones And The Blustery Day
4: Indiana Jones Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
5: Indiana Jones Vs. The Smog Monster
6: Indiana Jones’s Diary
7: Dr. Jones And The Green Knight
8: Indiana Jones’s New Nightmare
9: The Jones Proxy
10: To Indiana Jones, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar
11: The Seventh Voyage Of Indiana
12: Indy And The Pussycats
13: Indiana Jones Conquers The Martians
14: Indiana Jones And The Sundance Kid
15: Dr. Jones Goes To Washington
16: My Neighbour Indiana
17: The Jones Experiment, Jones II, Jones And The Pit
18: A Fish Called Indiana
19: Indiana And The Giant Peach
20: Win A Date With Indiana Jones!

Thanks to Simon Proctor for presenting and Cat Tobin for assisting and scoring.

Answers to follow next week, probably...

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