Monday, 23 April 2012

World Book Night, among other things

My 300th post here -

As Neil Gaiman puts it: Happy #worldbooknight. Happy Shakespeare & Cervantes birthdays. Happy St George's Day. Fight dragons & windmills, read books & quote wisely.

Even though it was World Book Day six weeks ago.


While you're doing that, consider St. George. Best known around here for fighting a dragon, in eastern Europe he's also the protector against vampires.

Or there's always a bit of mileage in swiping a plot from Shakespeare.

Borrowing from Cervantes somewhat less so, although "it seems the fantasy hero is actually deluded about the whole series" is a plot hook that crops up fairly often in episodes of ongoing series, although as Neil Gaiman said of Emperor Norton, "his madness keeps him sane". It's almost as common as "the hero alone can see the threat and everyone thinks they're deluded" plots, and more common than "the hero is deluded, which makes him a hero".

(And "The Impossible Dream" from the musical is the perfect Player Character song.)


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    1. Unless, of course, he really is. You never know with that guy...