Monday, 30 April 2012

Star Wars: When And Where

I may be running Star Wars on Sunday. (Using a tune-up of d6, or CineUni.) Here's what I sent to the prospective players.


Two main possible settings: the Rebellion or an era some centuries away from it.

The Rebellion has the obvious advantage of familiarity - I think "Star Wars" and I see Rebels and Stormtroopers - but there might be too much, and there can be a struggle for the game's heroes not to be overshadowed by the films'. What's this guy's story? I don't care. To avoid this, I'd like someone in the PC group to be Really Important in some way. This would of course have to be discussed.

A different era might feel less "Star Wars" (although look at the trailers for The Old Republic, they go too far the other way so that three thousand years earlier everything looks just about the same) but also allows more freedom to be the stars and go a bit wilder. A "Star Wars feel" will be retained by pacing and style, and some specifics like lightsabres and the Force.


For the curious, I've had a "future Star Wars" setting in mind for three years now that I'd like to get some use out of. It changes this and that (more, I think, than nearest equivalent Star Wars: Legacy) and gives the PCs plenty of room to be front-and-centre in a big mad universe.

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  1. I've thought about doing a Star Wars game that starts at the beginning of A New Hope. Leia, Luke and the others don't exist, leaving plenty of room for the PCs to be the heroes who destroy the Death Star at the last moment. If someone wants to be a canonical character, they can, but there's no need for it.