Wednesday, 12 December 2012

10 MORE Episodes That Every Sci-Fi Show Must Have

Per SFX and following the previous ten, and including the Bodyswap and evil twin and dream, and also the Doomed Romance and the Creepy Kid.

The Western Episode
A Character Turns Into Another Species
The Bodyswap Episode
The Doomed Romance
The Jack The Ripper Episode (Other historical figures are available. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, JFK and many others.)
The Evil Twin Episode
The Creepy Kid Episode
The “It Was All A Dream” Episode
The Reset Button Episode (would you get XP? Depends who presses the button...)
The “You’re Playing A Game” Episode.
Which might be a bit much for, y’know, a game. (So I did The “You’re In A TV Show” Episode in The Watch House instead...)

Actually, TWH scores pretty low here all round. No Western (a Victorian instead), Jake turning into a vampire and a ghost, a bodyswap (plans for a second were rejected), a bit of a doomed romance in S3, no Ripper (he was scheduled for The Night Watch), no Evil Twin that I recall, no Creepy Kid, no “It Was All A Dream”, no Reset Button and no “You’re Playing A Game”. Mostly because Buffy and Angel and TNW had already hit so many of them with classics, of course.

But now I want to do a TWH Western. Damn it.


  1. Musical, surely? As per Fringe and Buffy

    1. And Xena, but not many more. Hmm... I don't think there's been a full musical Trek or Who or Stargate. Although there has been a musical Trek novel and Who comic as well as an audio play.

      And I was advised not to try a musical TWH by Milli's player...

    2. How could I have overlooked Xena!?! I do think though that this is a style very, very, very GMs could pull off at the table - you'd need a quite fantastic cast of players willing to buy in to the premise ;)