Thursday, 20 December 2012

Once Upon A Time...

As today’s fairly insane pull-along Google Doodle attests, it’s two hundred years since the Brothers Grimm published their collected fairy tales.

A great many of these are world famous, frequently adapted, and known (in at least the basics) from early childhood. And others... aren’t.

Still, even the most familiar of the stories could make an interesting session with the right turn and the right point of view.

Who is the dashing stranger with the very white smile who appears when you’re lost in the woods? Can you trust him? Dare you not?
Who is the mysterious lady who just turned up at a ball at court and fascinated the heir to the throne so?
What is the trickster’s name? What do you mean, you already know?

The Brothers themselves are classic wandering scholarly collector types, so not much meat for a Celebrity Historical story of their own - except when Terry Gilliam tells it, anyway, then it’s a tale fit for Warhammer. Which may be apt in the case of such jolly tales as The Singing Bone.

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