Saturday, 22 December 2012

Everybody Knows

A notion prompted by Buffy Season 8 and particularly Harmony getting her own reality show...

An adventure hook for an imagined Season 8 of The Watch House inspired by this idea:

We open on Milli running full-tilt down a dark alley, sword drawn, out into a square - looking up just as a vampire drops out of a tree and steps back to stop it landing on her. It leaps to its feet and aims a kick at her head, she ducks, grabs its ankle and spins it around, swings her sword as it tries to get back up.


Then a light comes on behind her.

Voice: Miss Blackhurst?
Milli: Uh...?

She turns and sees a reporter and cameraman looking at her.

Reporter: Is this latest vampire attack part of a pattern?
Milli: Er...?


Cut to a shot from the camera POV, with a BBC News caption underneath:
Millicent Blackhurst, Watcher’s Council

Reporter: What can you tell our viewers about this particular cult?
Milli: Um...?


Is this a natural event caused by Harmony outing vampires (and Clem) nudging the setting in a True Blood kinda direction? Or is this some mystical denial-filter-remover?

And either way, who made those Keep Calm And Carry On style posters?
(thanks to Keep Calm And Carry On.)


Escher: Well. It would appear that the hidden occult world of the supernatural, er... isn’t.


David Dimbleby: Tonight, Question Time comes from Cambridge, centre of the Watcher controversy. The Watchers’ Council has been the self-appointed defender of humanity for centuries. But has their policy of secrecy and denial done more harm than good? With me tonight to discuss this are Sir James Morton from the Ministry of Defence, lecturer on medieval history and senior Watcher Michael Henry Escher, vampire rights activist Victoria Valdermar, Witch Alliance representative Janet Shadowborn, and the Guardian science journalist Alok Jha...

(Isn’t she dead? Shhh.)

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