Saturday, 22 December 2012

And no-one will ever know...

Ladies and Gentlemen! I know that man - that Doctor on high! And I know that he has done this deed a thousand times! But not once, no sir, not once - not ever! - has he been thanked. But no more, as I say to you on this Christmas morn, “Bravo, sir! Bravo!”  
Doctor Who, The Next Doctor

As we look back at the lack of an apocalypse our thoughts turn to the unsung heroes who save the world unnoticed. Are you characters among them?

(Best plot hook from last night: the supposedly safe haven of Bugarach closed off, so that only journalists and police and a few locals and a small number of rubbernecking visitors were in it - how would that cross-section of society cope if it had been the only town left after the apocalypse?)

Would they want to be famous?

Probably not.

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