Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Conpulsion GM request. Tell me how this sounds...

As seen in the email inboxes of this year's GMs, on Facebook and Google+...

Hello! This is Craig, RPG Coordinator for Conpulsion 2013.

I'm looking for people to run games.

The convention is to run Friday April 12th to Sunday 14th, with scheduled game slots on Saturday and Sunday morning, afternoon and evenings as well as room for pickup games.

I'm looking for descriptions for the website and convention programme.

Pithy One-Line Description:
Description: (around 100 words)
Number of players:
Suitable for new players:
Suitable for ages:

Conpulsion 2013's theme is Espionage - games of that type are not essential, but always welcome.

Descriptions can be sent to me here, or to with the tagline "RPGs".

The deadline for entry into the Conpulsion programme is February the 28th and inclusion in the programme and on the website definitely heightens your game’s presence at the Con.

Before that, on February 1st to 2nd, is Propulsion, 24 hours of gaming at the Pleasance on behalf of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. This includes a chance to playtest Conpulsion adventures!

Thanks for reading,
Craig Oxbrow

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