Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Primeval Dead

JohnK started a thread on RPGnet about how little comment there is on Primeval there - there isn't much on Doctor Who there either, so it seems mis-aimed to me. But anyway, a joke about the lack of zombies lead Gar to post this:

Actually... the Threat rules could be easily adapted to model Walking-Dead style zombies... Off the top of my head:

Awareness 1
Co-ordination 1
Strength 6
Ingenuity 1
Resolve 4
Appearance 3
Max Threat 8
Threat Threshold 4
Skills: Athletics 2, Fighting 3, Survival 2 Traits Armour 4
Headshot: A called shot to the Head ignores the zombie's armour.
Sniffer: Zombies gain 1 point of Threat if they sense the presence of a human or hear a loud noise
Really Dumb: Zombies cannot make Awareness tests without spending Threat.
Really Resilient: Zombies cannot be reduced below Strength 2 by damage.
Threat Powers:
Search (1 Threat): The zombie makes an Awareness + Survival roll, opposed by the lowest Coordination + Subterfuge roll of any humans in the area. If successful, the zombie gains 1/2/4 Threat.
Smash (1 Threat): The zombie gets a +4 bonus to Strength rolls for smashing down barricades and obstacles.
Infectious Bite (3 Threat): The zombie makes a Bite attack. If it hits, it inflicts Strength +1 damage and poisons the victim.

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