Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Party Like It's Post 1999

Prince, artist and occasional superhero, gave voice to pre-millennial jitters and how it wouldn’t really be that big a deal way ahead of the curve in 1999, released in 1982. After all, as he said elsewhere: “I’ve seen the future, and it will be.”

If you had the power to see the future, a successful music career would probably be a much better way to get people to listen to your prophecies than the more traditional methods of shouting on street corners and photocopying pamphlets. Your proclamations can still be mysterious and hard to decipher until after the fact, but at least they’d be catchy!

This could easily spin off into a Man Who Fell To Earth idea, someone who seeks to impart great knowledge but gets caught up in the medium. (A metaphor for the malaise common among stars, of course.)

Likewise, the worlds Prince conjured in his songs, films and other stories could be interesting places to visit.

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