Tuesday, 7 June 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse

Reviving the neglected tag for Of Gods And Men, the game I wanted to run after seeing Thor and never did...

X- Men: Apocalypse is big, flashy, a bit long, suffers a severe case of poorly defined superpowers and limitations clashing... it has its moments, though.

En Sabah Nur is a firm believer in movie-style armour for men and comic-accurate trashy Halloween costumes for women. Erm.

The Auschwitz sequence made me wince.

It’s twenty years since First Class but only some of the characters have aged more than the few years its been in real life, including someone who is now barely older than a brother who was born after the events of the first film.

The Quicksilver sequence is again a major highlight, but this time feels unearned. Last time the characters brought him in to do something like that, this time he just happens to be there.

Special guest Wolverine! And in order to get him in they had to make the secret base from X-Men 2 not secret any more. Clearly the timeline is changing, but now changing to hit the best film in the series...

But to be positive... ish...

Good old-fashioned hitting En Sabah Nur in the face.

Raven/Mystique as serious shapeshifting mutant-saving badass action hero.

Token non-mutant Moira MacTaggert gets a reasonable amount of agency - up until she helplessly witnesses the final battle, anyway.

Charles being klutzy around Moira.

The 80s stuff wasn’t overplayed. Maybe could have done with more, in fact. And certainly more for Jubilee to do.

The prologue with mutant “gods” and mortal rebels made me want to play ancient supers, a lot more than Gods Of Egypt does. I dug that at least.

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