Saturday, 12 May 2018

3000 posts in labels

For my 3000th post here, a look back.

The winner by quite some way, perhaps not exactly startlingly, is RPGs with 612 entries.

Next, with 547, is Events. Which covers both the news and things I’ve gone to.

SF gets 484, because I sort of count Star Wars and Star Trek and Doctor Who in there as well as in their own categories. Fantasy gets a mere 370, behind Urban Fantasy at 427 and Horror at 390, and the super-helpful Genres at 159.

Vampire at 473 includes Masquerade, Requiem, and other stuff with vampires in it. The World Of Darkness more specifically gets 384. Chronicles Of Darkness gets 56, though numbers are distorted by Chronicles having also been World until 2015.

Weird Level clocks in at 440, just ahead of TV at 432 and Films at 430, Comics at 300 and Books at 281.

Campaign Development hits 393, ahead of GMing at 285 and Playing at, er, 41.

The biggest particular setting is, shock, Buffy at 266.

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