Wednesday, 9 May 2018

World Of Darkness Challenge 2018

Thirty days (starting on the ninth as it was revived tonight) and thirty questions.

1: How did you get started?
Vampire: The Masquerade wasn’t even out yet (and didn’t have its subtitle) and I saw an ad in an RPG magazine. I wrote about it here.

Yes, I’m old.

2: Favourite Game Line
Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem. Since The Trinity Continuum is now with Onyx Path. ;)

3: Favourite Clan/Tribe etc.
Nosferatu in Requiem because they can be so horrible in so many ways.

4: Favourite Setting Book
Damnation City, for any game in either line and good for any other city-based RPG.

5: Best Roll.
Humanity to deal with having fed a person to a newly awakened elder vampire. He didn’t actually roll, just straight-up went “I fail”.

6: Favourite Canon Character.
Count M************ Dracula!

7: Favourite Edition.
Vampire: The Requiem second edition for, among other things, the overhaul of Humanity and the Touchstones system. (I admit bias.)

8: Favourite Character You’ve Played.
Jim Lloyd, Orphan Mage: The Ascension stand-up comic with an uncanny ability to make predictions - but only cynical ones.

9: Favourite Character Someone Else Played.
Mr. Bennett, Depression-era mechanic turned getaway driver turned Vampire: The Masquerade Gangrel turned gunrunner, plying his trade in various decades in various chronicles.

10: Strangest Grouping Of Characters
Well, there was the all-in crossover game where one of the players left saying "Sorry, I’m in the wrong genre".

11: Favourite Game You’ve Run.
My current game, Vampire: The Requiem second edition with two really keen players.

12: Favourite Gift/Discipline/etc.
I really like the narrowly powerful and bluntly named Embeds and Exploits in Demon: The Descent like Knockout Punch and Left Or Right?

13: Least Liked Discipline/etc.
Vicissitude from Vampire: The Masquerade because it starts with a logical progression (from the Storytellers Handbook) and then feels like a random grab bag of sorta-shapeshifting-ish powers lifted from Dracula and Necroscope.

14: Favourite Non-Canon NPC.
I had a lot of fun playing the Caitiff Seer in my last V20 game quietly working to stop an elder war that would threaten hundreds of human lives. Inspired by, of all things, an advert for the Red Cross.

15: Favourite Antagonist.
The Camarilla from Vampire: The Masquerade. The antagonist that Anarch PCs often come from and usually have to share a city with.

16: Clan/Tribe/Etc. That You Will Never Play.
Never is a promise. But I don’t see myself statting up a Pooka from Changeling: The Dreaming any time soon.

17: Clan/Guild/Tradition That You Love When Others Play.
Mortals. I encourage willingly throwing themselves into trouble like that.

18: Favorite Group You’ve Read But Never Played:
Oh, so many. Let’s go with demons (both Fallen and Descent) because I’ve run Descent for four weeks and Fallen for zero and never played either.

19: Games Lines You Have Played.
VtM, WtA, MtA, WtO, CtD, CofD, VtR, CtL, VtDA, DAV, MET. Plus those I’ve STed and not played.

20: LARP Or Not?
I’ve played in a few big event LARPs like Enlightenment In Blood and some convention one-offs, not regular ongoing LARPs.

21: Favourite Character Death.
He betrayed the rest of the coterie. They found out.

22: Moment Of Horror You Always Remember.
A young enforcer for a vampire gang tracked a lost shipment... and found the truck was full of kidnapped foster children. To his credit, he let them go and lied to his sire about it.

23: Best Storyteller.
Considering all the few times I haven’t been the Storyteller... the Mage: The Ascension game that went sideways into a twentysomething relationship comedy (with a Technocracy civil war in the background) was quite a thing.

24: Best (Fellow) Player.
He was in my first Vampire: The Masquerade game and on through to my current Vampire: The Requiem game. Though there was a gap of a few years when he went to a LARP.

25: Game You Miss The Most.
Well, my current game is not so much weekly as monthly. :D

26: Craziest Botch Result.
As my old friend tells, the time a crack team of werewolf assassins was defeated by a wall. Always buy a dot in Athletics.

27: Most Dice Rolled.
14 or so for an attack in Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Not much compared to some Shadowrun games.

28: Most Intense RP Session.
A Wraith: The Oblivion one-shot about the ghosts connected to a condemned school and the medium who could save them, the daughter of one and the lover of another.

29: Favourite Artefact.
In-character books like the Book of Nod and the Testament of Longinus, which I can hand to players, or open to find a specific reference. (Special thanks to RM for the hand-bound Testament that keeps opening at bits about owls...)

30: What Game Do You Want To Run Now?
The Vampire: The Requiem second edition game I’m running now!

But there are always more!

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