Thursday, 31 May 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story

So... unlike Rogue One, Solo has an opening crawl (though it comes in three captions and doesn’t crawl) and it uses the poster logo and A Star Wars Story subtitle.

Han starts in a black shirt and white vest.

Qi’ra sounds a bit posh for a Corellian scrumrat.

Solo is a nom de guerre. Yeah, okay, fine.

Imperial Guard!

An orange Rodian!

It’s a prequel, folks, so don’t get too attached to the new characters! Although not to the level of Rogue One.

Enfys Nest was super cool. Oh, and Dryden Vos has red light-bladed daggers which fit his being a villain, and Enfys Nest has a light-bladed halberd which is different enough from classic lightsabers that it’s not a blatant clue which side Nest is on...

About the only thing I wasn’t expecting was surprise Darth Maul. (And we got so close to a Star Wars movie with no Force users in it!) Mostly because I’ve seen him in the animated series and figured it was a Coulson style resurrection that wouldn’t pop up in movies. And this is... in the gap between them which is covered in some of the comics. And... is this setting up a Solo sequel? Or the Boba Fett movie? Or something?

And related to that...

About the only thing I was expecting and didn’t get was an on-screen demonstration of why Solo doesn’t believe in the Force. Were the lower levels of Corellia just that isolated when he was a kid?

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