Saturday, 12 May 2018

World Of Darkness: Eurovision

Since Lordi in 2006 there’s been a Eurovision Song Contest entry pretty much every year about monsters, so Darker Days suggested picking character types live.

So I did.

First rule: don’t say Malkavians for everything.
Second rule: don’t say Daughters Of Cacophony for everything.

And so...

Ukraine: statement jewellery, floating out of a coffin, very concerned about the Ladder, using Lure of Flames. Tremere.

Spain: Nice young couple not noticing the stage around them. Mortals!

Slovenia: End credits of a mecha anime. Void Engineers.

Lithuania: Ballad about not growing old with your beloved. Haunter.

Austria: A former member of Electric Church. Cult of Ecstasy.

Estonia: I only allow myself one Daughter of Cacophony suggestion in the contest. This is it.

Norway: Incredibly vague creative process and stretching the rules by being here. Chanteur.

Portugal: Trying not to be noticed. Mekhet!

United Kingdom: weather control and stoicism. Dreamspeakers.

Serbia: Yikes. Sluagh.

Germany: I'll skip this one.

Albania: Costumes by the Hollow Ones.

France: Protest song. Polo necks. Free Council.

Czech Republic: Time Lord. I mean Virtual Adept.

Denmark: This.

Australia: We have nothing, except love. Caitiff?

Finland: Fighting demons and using pyrotechnics? Task Force Valkyrie.

Bulgaria: "I love beyond the bones!" The Risen.

Moldova: Bright, cheery, fun for all the family. Pentex.

Sweden: So polished. NWO.

Hungary: Well, obviously. Brujah.

Israel: Artificers.

Netherlands: That time they did a Deadlands crossover.

Ireland: A stronger statement than it seems. The Carthian Movement.

Cyprus: I LIKE FIRE. House Flambeau.

Italy: We're quite angry about war. Anarchs.

And I didn't say Malkavians once. Not even for the clucking and waving cats.

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