Saturday, 14 May 2016

Henry VI (Shakespeare version)

Or the Prequel Trilogy for Richard III.

Pretty much everybody wants to be the king, expect the king, who wants to be a hermit.

For the non-Shakespeare version, Henry VI was by all accounts someone whose temperament was better suited to the role of hermit than king. Unfortunately it was a mostly hereditary position with occasional usurpation (which is how his grandfather got there, replacing another king depicted as insufficiently murderous for the gig) so just about everyone around him was after it, and being nobles they were also massively entitled and quick to take slight.

Most of the characters who come out of the Shakespeare version looking good are trying to keep the peace and keep the country stable, and they’re usually stabbed for their troubles.

As a rule, player like to have their characters depose bad kings and maybe follow good ones if they can’t get the job themselves. How would they deal with multiple would-be bad kings?

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