Sunday, 29 May 2016

The ghost of Quarter Bin

A snapshot from a few months before the end of over-a-decade-gone comics opinion site Quarter Bin still lingers - just Opinion and Profiles, which is still over a hundred essays including the great Comics Reality Check series, but losing the Recycling Bin section such as the Marvel Silver Age Model essay that I was introduced to first.

(More irksome still, Internet Archive does not host itself due to spiders but does have the archive I linked to! Including additional bits of it like the Recycling Bin series of which this is the last, some way before that Marvel Silver Age one I mentioned above which have fallen off that saved snapshot. So if you want to read them you can just adjust the individual numbers, because the overview page doesn’t work...)

(Update: Internet Archive now has it! Including The Marvel Silver Age Model, the first article I saw, as a result of, hey, an RPG.)

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