Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Band Played On

Looks like the new Black Canary is one of the casualties of DC Rebirth, which makes me grumpy. To be more positive, check out how far they went with the hook of the comic being about a band, resulting in the Black Canary EP.

Click the A Buffy Season tag to see how much I’ve rambled on a game about a band. Which is quite a bit. I blame early exposure to The Monkees. And that’s just a game that happens to be about a band where it becomes important sometimes, rather than a game focusing on touring, perhaps with performance rather than combat as the big mechanical feature that resolves the session. (I know someone working on this.)

Bands work as PC groups because they tend to be the right kind of size, and spend a lot of time on the road together, coming to unfamiliar towns where they might get in trouble. See Green Room for a more horror-y current example.

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