Sunday, 22 May 2016

Two great tastes that don't necessarily taste great together

A post on the Future Wars section of Lead Adventure labelled “Classified information released!” turned out not to be about SF games featuring spies. But it accidentally sparked a terrible idea:

Delta Green Miniatures.

Use something like Black Ops from Osprey and add a massively debilitating sanity loss system in amongst the dingy and claustrophobic maps, and enemy miniatures that nobody wants to look at appearing in small numbers without warning and most opponents being pitiful and broken themselves.

This is why I don’t do miniatures much.


  1. That could be fun, actually. Have 2-4 players running 5-10 ops vs. GM or rules-controlled monsters. The key is how the monsters interact with the humans.

    1. Which might well be like Alien Isolation - if it gets you, you're dead.