Thursday, 19 May 2016


I’m currently catching up with the new TV version of The Flash. (See what I did there?) Nice, fun, lightish show, especially watching it back to back with Arrow. Being a solo TV show about a superhero with one easy-to-grasp power, the writing team are doing their best to show interesting and fun uses for super-speed. It’s one of those powers that you think about as a kid, so it can provide a lot of ideas.

In games, it can get a bit tricky. How you determine initiative, multiple actions and the like, when one of the PCs can run at the speed of sound, or even faster? Celerity in Vampire is enough trouble, and that only makes a PC two or three times faster than usual! How do you stop a PC from going X-movies-Quicksilver on a room full of people before the other PCs get a single action - fun on screen, maybe not at the table.

The TV version gives him super speed but only intermittently super reflexes, so he still has “lag” when reacting to things - he’d only have improved initiative when powered up, and can’t go at full speed all the time.


  1. One thing they've only mentioned twice on the show, and never really show is how much food Flash has to eat. He may run ten miles in a matter of seconds but he still ran ten miles. He should be on the verge of passing out from low blood-sugar after nearly any speedster actions. And he should always lose initiative because he has to put the sandwich down first.

    1. That episode ends with them cooking up special power bars - guess it was a minor disadvantage he bought off with his first XP. :)