Monday, 16 May 2016

Person Of Interest season four

Person Of Interest season four has how finished running here, just in time for season five to start in the US... with no sign of it showing here...

The setup of the show has changed... quite a bit.

Last year, a second A.I. was loosed on the world, with the backing of a group that is halfway between intelligence agency and cult. Samaritan took the place of the Machine in US government, and unfettered by the carefully taught morals of its predecessor it has sidelines in social experiments with people, taking over cities and deciding who lives or who dies based on their attitude. How long until it decides we are all an inconvenience?

The show is now a dystopian cyberpunk SF setting that still looks like the present on the surface. Finch and his team are on the back foot, trying to save the world...

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