Friday, 20 May 2016


Powers (the TV series) is based on Powers (the comic) about cops dealing with Powers (the type of people) who have powers (the... powers). Clear?

It played in the US on the Playstation but here it’s on a TV channel, and one I get no less.

It’s pretty closely based on the first run of the comics, though it’s a hybrid of a couple of the first stories. This is surprising as the original run felt like it could translate to TV pretty much head-on, although the end of the first story might be a bit deus ex machina away from the splash page. One substantial change is moving a big reveal up to the very start.

The basic setup also makes for a pretty workable game - non-superhuman police dealing with mostly-low-end superhumans. (Mutant City Blues has you covered for an investigative game about working out who did what with which superpower.)

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