Sunday, 16 May 2021

This Is A Craig Oxbrow Game

The new Nine Inch Nails collaboration with HEALTH, Isn’t Everyone, is very Nine Inch Nails while also quite HEALTH.

And that naturally reminded me of the legendary This Is A Trent Reznor Song

And that somehow led me to thinking what the lyrics would be for This Is A Craig Oxbrow Game

Now clearly I am not qualified to write my own parody filk about what my games are like, but I would start the second verse with... 

“Now I make you ROLL PERCEPTION!
Then I think what the results mean...”

Gotta be something about asking the players what should happen to make them cry
Then doing that thing to make them cry 

It's only in hindsight that I realise just how influential the collaborative nature of that game has been in my thinking about games.

RPGs or otherwise. It was really quite empowering and liberating in so many ways. :)

Absolutely, in some ways it was lightning in a bottle but I've been able to use some of what I've learned since.

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