Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thor: The Dark World

You’ve probably seen this by now if you wish to, but I’ll put in a jump for spoilers anyway.

The London-heavy setting, faceless alien troops (led by Christopher Eccleston!) attacking a famous city landmark, the paranormal-y side effects like the floating truck Jane finds with her handheld weirdness detector, the crazy reality-hopping final battle and Ian the intern apparently cosplaying Rory all made this feel quite a lot like a great big episode of Doctor Who starring a big guy with a hammer and his sneaky illusionist little brother.

It substantially raises the Weird Level of Thor’s corner of the Marvel Movieverse with a lot of world-hopping and space battles and the like, giving it the feel of a cosmic superhero setting that might land on us without warning rather than the first film’s smaller scale, this-much-weirdness-and-no-more conflicts.

And then  it ties in to Guardians Of The Galaxy, which looks to go full Star Wars.

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