Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Vampire Challenge 13: Favourite Chronicle Concept

The basic shape of a Vampire game tends to change with the number of players, moving from the personal and emotional to the political and practical. Were I to pick one, I’d probably go for the former, as it’s more unusual among RPGs. There’s room for personal plots and big emotional scenes in bigger groups, but not as much.

The night has its price.
Near Dark

So that’s my pick. Throw a small number of neonates, or a few mortals as well, into the mix and see how much trouble they can get into. Which is usually “a lot”. Throw in an autocratic Prince, an asshole Sheriff, some hunters ready to pick off the weak, and some human loved ones, allow to come to the boil, stand well back.

Maybe just a tad influenced by Never Let Go.


  1. See this sounds like an awesome recipe for a Vampire game; I'd play in it. Please run it when I'm next around :)

    1. Only with a small enough group...

    2. Can't see it working with more than 4 people. I like having Vampires and mortals as PCs and watching how they interact. It'd make a nice change of pace from the usual politics and power-plays that seem to come up.

      Reading your blog is making me want to try and run Vampire now.

    3. That is kind of the purpose...