Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Vampire Challenge 12: Favourite Adventure You Have Run

Published or DIY? Probably DIY for Vampire, since they have a lot less than D&D. Again, doing both...

Start as you mean to go on.
English proverb


The very first Vampire: The Masquerade story, Baptism by Fire, in the first two editions of the rulebook, really set out how different Vampire was intended to be. It centred on interaction with a small cast with no direct conflicts but opportunities for intrigue, romance, philosophical debate and a ringside view of how corrupt and cracked Gary’s Kindred politics really was. It felt, and still feels, a long way from the dungeon.

Runner-up in this field is Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia. A perspective-shifting epilogue to the series that can be separated from it to make a short chronicle of its own, as Giovanni vampires, ghouls and those unfortunate to be in their orbit chart the rise and fall of the Mafia in the US across the 20th Century. Betrayal, compromised loyalties, blood and honour. All that good stuff.



I remain pretty proud of the arc plot to my first Requiem game, a few years back. It started with the simple notion that the self-loathing vampire who would rather be human and opposes other vampires is usually the star of the show. Louis, Angel, high-Humanity PCs in Vampire RPGs. So what would an antagonist like that look like?

The plot concerned a rise in apparently-Kindred-led attacks on vampires’ holdings, ghouls in prominent places and the like. Who was really behind it?

The leading seer of London’s Circle of the Crone, the Sybil, occasionally noted without comment that vampires are a plague on the Earth, which the players didn’t pick up on as she said a lot of creepy things like that. She almost always prophesied bad news, and this was just assuming the worst of vampires and being proved right almost every time.

So she decided to pull the city’s Kindred society down and wipe out as many other vampires as she could...

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