Saturday, 9 November 2013

Vampire Challenge 9: Favourite Character You Have Played

Wait... I’m supposed to be a player?

Okay, I have actually played various Vampire games over the years as well as running them, but I may have to sneak an NPC in here too.

Is it possible to have too much character?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, “When She Was Bad”

I started out STing Masquerade soon after it came out, and first got to play some months later, in the Alien Hunger one-shot. Quite possibly the only time that particular ST ever ran Vampire... But even before that, I had character ideas in mind. At least two jumped right out based on the pre-release booklet, and I got to play one after a while:

A Brujah socialite, a charming gothy vamp and potential harpy. My first reaction to the game, really, me being slightly contrary by not going Toreador or Ventrue with that idea. I’ve picked her up and played her a few times in different games, under different aliases, and encouraged at least one other player to do the same.

For Dark Ages, it has to be the Nosferatu knight in the closed helm, cursed that none he aided might look upon his face with kindness. Yes, playing up the Beauty And The Beast angle, and borrowing a little from the mediaeval Spawn that Neil Gaiman created.

I’ve never actually played Requiem beyond one-shots. So this will have to be an NPC.

Walker is the archetypal Lone Wolf, he pops up now and again in Vampire and other games - something players should avoid making in a game with more than one player, but too fun a concept to keep out completely. Solitary, taciturn and threatening, working his own agenda and if that lines up with the PCs’ agendas or crashes straight into them, then so be it. He’s the vampire as the scary thing in the dark, someone you don’t want to mess with, wearing a cool black coat and all.

Like all great powers, something to be used sparingly.

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