Sunday, 17 November 2013

Vampire Challenge 17: Favourite Conflict


Human beings. You are amazing! 
Doctor Who, The Impossible Planet 

The first Vampire: The Masquerade story supplement, Ashes To Ashes, has a classic scene in which the characters have to question a reporter over a story that got a little too close to home. Harming him would protect the Masquerade in the short term but endanger it in future, he’s partially resistant to vampires’ mind control... Basically, they’re going to have to be careful when dealing with him.

And he’s absolutely, without question, the good guy.

The PCs are bloodsucking animated corpses here to preserve the secrecy of their fellow bloodsucking animated corpses by threatening the life of a human being who would tell other human beings that there are bloodsucking animated corpses living in secret among them.

About the only way their actions could be interpreted as good is that other bloodsucking animated corpses might mistreat him worse to get the same results.

It’s a small scene in a pretty bonkers adventure, but it’s a gem.

Second choice: other vampires who you are supposed to be able to get on with. Having made the Kindred so diverse and playable, it’s inevitable that there will be some that the characters have to share a city with they’d rather not. Actual enemies (sects, covenants and the like) make for good antagonists, but one you have to see at Elysium and around town is that bit more personal.

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