Friday, 2 January 2015

Forging Your Own Destiny

As mentioned at reveal and launchDestiny is a vast sweeping space opera setting where the story is made a big thing of at the start and then given little play, almost everyone and everything important has a Significant Title rather than a name, I might buy the art book before the game itself as I have only actually played on borrowed consoles, and the grand heroic music makes me want to do Star Trek when it isn’t playing Led Zeppelin.

I still kind of want to play the game it looks like more than the game it is.

Which is where RPGs come in...

A vast sweeping space opera, colonised planets isolated for centuries and now accessible again, a mix of alien empires and alliances to fight against or possibly negotiate with, the option to play AI or aliens or posthumans or modern humans or 21st century people resurrected to bring back lost knowledge, cool gear, mind powers, flying bikes, killer robots, ancient lore, deeper mysteries... sounds like it could be fun.

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