Thursday, 8 January 2015


Even when not actually making trailers with video editing, I will often think up what I’d put in a trailer for a new game, or a new run of a returning game. I generally keep it short, vague and simple. Images that I can drop into a game easily enough. Just enough to get players hopefully curious without giving too much away, or including anything they would stop for their own characters.

Like so, for Graveyard Shift season two...

Kate dodging an axe-wielding vampire.

A stormcloud spreading over Miller’s Hill Church.

Alex trying to start the pizza van as a horde of figures run out of the darkness towards it.

Strange lights in the college laboratory.

Jade and James fighting over a book.

A hand bursting out of a grave.

Lilith frantically working at her computer.

A ghostly shape swooping down a corridor towards the viewer.

Fass running and screaming.

A figure observing in the shadows.

Keri holding a door shut as someone or something tries to force it open.

A circle of candles ignite with no-one touching them.

Joe reading something and gasping “My worst fears have come true!” then holding it up, a promo flyer for ‘Pizza Palace’ opening right down the block.

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