Sunday, 25 January 2015

Glasgow in gaming

Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow is plenty to offer as a setting, with its share of hauntings (not least around the Necropolis) as well as a popular museum with a heavy side of Weird, and a storied history of industry and creativity.

As an Edinburgh native I must admit bias about Glasgow - mostly about having to go there to see lots of bands.


  1. Also, perfect for Scottish Noir (although Rebus shows us that can be done in Auld Reekie too).

    Although Glasgow is a relatively modern city in comparison to Edinburgh, in that it was not a big city till the coming of the industrial revolution, it has been around for a very long time, with a great many Celtic and other ancient connections, all with influences that could be felt through to the modern day. The story of the City's coat of arms is one place you could start if looking for ancient tales and their modern echoes.

    1. There was an attempted relic theft at the Cathedral a few years ago, IIRC?

    2. See, it just writes itself! ;)