Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Star Wars returns to Marvel. It's kind of a big deal for them.

Marvel’s original Star Wars issue 1 in 1977 started pretty quickly. Dark Horse’s first Star Wars comic had an intro crawl on its first interior page setting up the story. Marvel’s new Star Wars issue 1 wants to make it clear that being issue 1 of Star Wars is A Big Deal so its first page is “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...” and then there’s a two-page spread of the logo and then there’s an intro crawl. (It’s a bigger-than-normal issue.) This amused me greatly.

The comic itself is pretty cool as well.

Making intro crawls is one of the classic handout tricks used in Star Wars games - RPG scenarios often come with them, and I would DTP and print basic ones even before the online Crawl Creator came out to let you make animated ones. I’ve seen them done with PowerPoint and other systems too. The trick is not to drop too much OOC information. (Which the first one in Episode IV totally does.) And of course, to do it properly, you need a cool-sounding episode name.

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