Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, same old monsters

Eric looked out at the party wearily, spun the glass in his hand and took another sip. They had managed to keep the world spinning for another year, and it had only cost three of them their lives. He raised the glass to Mike, Douglas and Kelly, and was about to finish it...

... when he saw the vampires strutting through the crowd. A couple, all smiles. Acting like they owned the place, like they usually do.

He set the glass down unfinished and went to look through his bag. This wouldn’t be an easy kill - none of them were - but the noise from the band and all the people around would keep them from using their senses to their full extent.

Phones were down, so no way to call the others. He’d have to do this himself. Wait for them to find someone, hope they didn’t separate in hopes of getting an easy meal each.

Looked like they were. Damn it. Okay, make sure to pick one so the other would see and come running. If they had any loyalty.

He heard the countdown start as he followed the male into the alley.

Perfect. Just in time for screams and fireworks.

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