Friday, 30 January 2015

Life Is Strange (the game)

I’ve joked before about wanting saves in tabletop games, and observed that the usual way to play gamebooks is to go back and change choice when you fall into a deathtrap. Essentially, you can control time by cheating. But what if it wasn’t cheating? What if it was the core of the story?

Life Is Strange makes this the supernatural power of the teen hero of a suburban fantasy mystery. When she reaches a decision point you can choose option A, see how it unfolds, and then rewind time if you want to try option B instead. More than once, even.

It looks like it would be a pretty interesting game even without this central selling point - a small-town mystery and a high-school drama with a lo-fi indie style type thing.

But who hasn’t wanted to rewind a minute or so of their life, at least once?

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