Friday, 9 January 2015

Person Of Interest, S3 and on

Since my initial observations two and a half years ago, some of my suspicions about Person Of Interest have proven accurate. The number-of-the-week format still works, but there is a lot more going on, and it’s now modern-dress cyberpunk as well as plain-clothes Batman.

The Machine, the system which initially just seemed to be the McGuffin to spit out those numbers of the week, is an A.I.

Beyond that, thoughts on playing something like it still apply. Some other PC types have joined in. Finch would be playable rather than just an NPC boss because he gets pulled into doing field work himself and often has to hack systems live - the hacking connecting to where Reese (or other PC type) is means it doesn’t become a closed-off subgame like hacking often was in Cyberpunk or Shadowrun. And the scale and SF-ish Weird Level have gone up a bit, while still having room for Reese to demolish wannabe gangsters with a slight smile.


  1. Great show, but I've lost track of where Channel 5 has got to with it and how far behind the States we are. Or even when it's coming back.

    1. It's screened up to the end of S3, so we're not quite a year behind. Meanwhile, they dropped The Walking Dead to a side channel and are still trying to make Under The Dome happen.