Thursday, 22 January 2015

Location-specific subgenres

Spurred on by the World Of Darkness and other prison thread, some other subgenres I’ve seen in the setting:

I was also involved in the New Bremen chat’s Central Hospital group, which is even more niche - World Of Darkness medical drama, with just a bit of medical horror now and then. Worrying injured PCs from other parts of the setting by shouting lots of ER style jargon while making rolls to perform CPR on them never got old. Neither did calling in security when a vampire tried to eat me.

Other locations that led to non-monster games included a police station, courts, a high school and City Hall. (One of the volunteer Storytellers had the first initials DA, and when I first saw him I assumed he was playing an NPC District Attorney.)

Adding monsters to just about any drama genre can create interesting results...

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