Friday, 21 August 2015

Person Of Interest S3 ends...


So this is year-old news for those reading this outside the UK, but anyway. Person Of Interest has really ramped up what was initially presented as and could have been just backstory to explain the case of the week into a war between A.I. gods through human proxies. And the good guy just lost.

I’m very excited to see S4 when it finally reaches screens here (resisting the temptation to watch it RIGHT NOW). The possibilities showing now have been implicit in the setting since the get-go, but it’s still a pretty radical change in tone and format.

Could you get away with it in an RPG? Maybe... You’d have to lay down the possibilities in advance to avoid accusations of a bait and switch. Everything escalates reasonably, but players invested in the case of the week setup, or the crime war or other storylines, might not be happy with the new focus.

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