Friday, 28 August 2015

#RPGaDay 28: Favourite Game You No Longer Play


28: Favourite Game You No Longer Play

I haven’t played or run TOON this century. Not because I wouldn’t be happy to do so, just because (a) it’s very much part of my youth, (b) takes a certain mood and (c) is well suited to running for an hour or less, while regular game sessions around here are three hours plus.

Hmm. Mental note for a future convention.

My favourite game that I’ve never played or run would be Orpheus. I’ve read the adventure series so I couldn’t fairly play when a friend ran it recently. (I could run a series that goes in a different direction, though... Hmm again...)

Edit: Dave’s video, guest answer from Cat Tobin. And, well, EEEEEEEEEEE!

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