Sunday, 16 August 2015

#RPGaDay 16: Longest Game Session Played


16: Longest Game Session Played

Back in high school we set aside weekends for gaming with as little sleep as possible. I never actually GMed much there, and we bounced around from session to session.

This year we went past that with a week-long retreat in the Highlands. Still, not that much actual gaming, mainly regular-sized sessions.

There’s Propulsion, twenty-four hours of gaming for charity. I’ve never GMed or been in one of the games that tried to do the full twenty-four, though.

So probably the five or six hours it took for the TWH finale. The five or six hours for a Nationals game has a bigger lunch break.

Not counting the hours spent online in chats, because they weren’t sessions per se...

Longest game session played geographically would be the time I ran WFRP from character creation to catching a murderer on the coach coming back from the Nationals...

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