Monday, 31 August 2015

You have two cows...

The political and philosophical joke about what having two cows means under various systems has, inevitably, hit RPGs a few times. This one is happening now.

My own entry was an attempt to make a viable adventure hook about what the PCs might get up to relating to two cows...


“Our client has been working on a breeding program that will revolutionise farming in deprived areas, but a multinational agribusiness just confiscated his prize specimens. Let’s go steal two cows.”

Expect the Job to include a con at a cattle market, a smallish stampede at a convenient or inconvenient moment, and the Hitter having to do an impromptu rodeo ride with an angry bull.

I freely admit it’s basically a riff on The Hot Potato Job but the practicalities of stealing the targets would be fun.

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